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Show Day Check List

With the competition season fast approaching, we wanted to help you prepare for your first show of the season.

The final weeks of prep are challenging and overwhelming. You are stressed, emotional, exhausted and excited, all at the same time. You spend months and months to get ready for the big day. Finally, it’s here! You wake up in the morning in your hotel room or arrive at the venue, you open your suitcase and realise that you forgot something! This unnecessary stress is the last thing you need before stepping on stage.

Hopefully, our comprehensive show day check list will help you prevent this and will keep you on top of your game for show day.

Even if you competed before, have a look as you might find something that will benefit you for your big day.

What to pack:

  • Show bikini

  • Spare bikini (even if it’s a cheap one, have something spare)

  • Jewellery (bring spares)

  • Shoes (bring going out heels as spares)

  • Loose fitting clothes for registration and post show

  • Flipflops

  • Robe or silk dressing gown for backstage

  • Cool bag

  • Show day food (bring more rather than less)

  • Show day fluids (bring more rather than less)

  • A small mirror

  • Bikini Bite or double-sided tape

  • Tampons if you need to (bring if in any doubt)

  • Hair brush, hair spray, straighteners, curlers

  • Contact lenses and spares (if applicable)

  • Make up for touch ups

  • Tan for touch ups

  • Oil for glaze

  • Phone

  • Headphones

  • Portable charger

  • Bands for pump up

  • Towel

  • Cushion to lay on

  • A small light blanket if you can (show floors are always very cold)

  • Sewing kit and safety pins

  • Vasaline (in case you get a dry mouth you can apply to your teeth, so your lip doesn’t get stuck when you smile)

  • Eye bright drops (in case your eyes get dry)

  • Sponsor’s clothing for any photos needed

  • Camera

  • Selfie stick/tripod

… and last but not least, a nice big smile and all your confidence


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